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Department of Criminal Law and Procedure

Organization of the educational process and educational work

Teaching of legal subjects at the Department is carried out according to the credit system of training – on the basis of the SES of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Educational and methodological complexes of disciplines developed in accordance with the Department's disciplines meet the requirements of the State mandatory standard of education and modern requirements for training specialists; the Department's staff makes necessary adjustments related to changes and additions to the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Academic work is a priority activity of the Department and is aimed at obtaining students' theoretical knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for practical activities.

Organization of research work

The Department of criminal law and procedure carries out research activities on the topic «Current problems of criminal and criminal procedure legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the present stage». Research activities of the faculty of the Department are carried out in various forms: by publishing scientific articles and other works of a scientific nature; participation in scientific-practical and scientific-theoretical conferences of regional, national and international level; study and analysis of current regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries; organization of meetings with scientific supervisors and consultants; visits to major research centers in Kazakhstan and Russia; review of research materials on various databases; participation in scientific and methodological seminars; search for research material on theoretical and practical issues of criminal and criminal procedure legislation

Research work of students

SRWS is a continuation and deepening of the educational process and is organized at the Department in two forms: SRWS, which is included in the educational process and NIRS, performed during extracurricular time. SRWS included in the educational process provides for the implementation of term papers and theses containing elements of scientific research. SRWS performed during extracurricular hours is organized through the work of the student scientific society.

Main directions of educational work

Educational work is an integral part of the overall activity of the teaching staff of the Department and is an integral part of the process of training specialists. It is aimed at the comprehensive development of the student's personality, social adaptation and professionalism. The main content of educational work is: disclosure of creative, intellectual and organizational abilities of students, aesthetic and spiritual and moral education, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, development of student self-government, assistance in the implementation of initiatives. The staff of the Department strives to foster active citizenship, respect for the law and individual rights, intolerance to corruption, and hard work in the course of classroom and extracurricular communication with students.