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Department of Economics and Finance

Educational work

Educational work of the Department of Economics and Finance is carried out in the following areas: Patriotic education, spiritual and moral education, labor education, formation of a healthy lifestyle, formation of competitive qualities, development of student self-government, organizational support for Amateur student groups, social support for students.

The beginning of the school year is traditionally associated with increased attention to 1st-year students. To ensure their adaptation to the conditions of the University curators hold separate events: Organizational week for 1st year students.. Conducting conversations about the internal order of the University, the organization of the educational process, the rights and responsibilities of the year, according to the plan of educational work for students; Recording and instructing on the rules of use of the University's scientific library; provided assistance in solving social issues.

For the development of creative activity and leisure activities of students, the University has clubs and clubs of interest:
  • Oner Studio: vocal, choreography, orchestra, theater
  • KVN club
  • Debate club, etc.

Every year, Oner Studio hosts a meeting night for first-year students.

The purpose of this event is to introduce students of different courses and, most importantly, to expand the range of interests and Hobbies of students. In the Studio there are circles in vocal, choreography, crestro, theatre, etc. All classes are free of charge.

In the direction of spiritual and moral education of young people, students of the specialty of Economics and Finance annually visit the Kazakh and Russian drama theaters, concerts of creative groups of the regional Philharmonic, and city museums several times a year.

Formation, Patriotism, respect for State symbols, culture of interethnic communication among students is through the holding of festive events dedicated to State holidays – the day of the First President of Kazakhstan, the independence Day of Kazakhstan, etc.

Full-time students live in a University dormitory. The main directions of educational work in the hostel are:
  • creating conditions for living, learning, and leisure activities for students;
  • creating an optimal multicultural environment aimed at developing moral and spiritual qualities in the conditions of modern life in the hostel;
  • ensuring successful adaptation of first-year students to the conditions of student life in the hostel;

In order to promote healthy lifestyle among students, students of the Department annually hold events on the topic "Prevention of non-use of psychoactive substances, alcohol, drugs by students". The Department cooperates with the psychologist of the "Center for psychological health" of Kostanay drug dispensary.

Physical education and formation of a healthy lifestyle of students of the Department of Economics and Finance is considered as the most important component of the educational process and is carried out in an organic relationship with other areas of educational activities in order to prepare physically, spiritually and morally healthy graduates.

In General, the Department pays great attention to the organization and holding of mass events that are educational in nature. Students of the Department actively attend clubs and sections, take an active part in competitions of various levels, participate in educational events both at the Cathedral and University.