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Department of Economics and Finance

About the Department
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The Department of Economics and Finance was established in August 2019 based on the merger of two departments of Finance and banking and Economics.

The history of the Department of Economics dates back to 1976, and the Department of Finance and banking since December 1, 1998. During the existence of the departments, well - known highly qualified teachers worked here:
  • doctors of Economics, professors-Chuzhinov P. I., Zhientaev S. M., Mishulina O. V., Ismuratova G. S.;
  • candidate of economic science I. Y. Petrenko, Kusainov B., Vitoon R. E., Stacks, A. I., Koval I. P., Chmielewski, A. I., R. Z. Belyanina, Ageeva M. B., Doschanova A. I., Jukeeva K. K., S. U. Turegano, Esimhanov Z. K., Seitova G. T., Shartanova N. T., Jenalinov B. N., Kenzhebekova D. S., A. K. Kurmangalieva, Manapova G. S., Fedotov Vladimir;
  • senior teachers - Hoppe, L. I., Measuring I. V., Mirmanova M. A., Round, A., Schmidt V. A., Abzhanov, A. K., Bakaeva M. M., B. Dauletbaev T., Kojokeev K. M., K. S. Abdykalykova,

The teaching staff of the Department carries out research work on topical issues of the financial and credit system of Kazakhstan; economic justification of the regional program for ensuring food security; the main directions of development of the competitiveness of the economy; socio-economic foundations of sustainable development of the region's economy; performs contractual work; participates in international projects, in the competition of the MES RK for grant funding.

 The faculty of the Department has prepared 10 textbooks, 141 educational and methodical manuals. Constantly engaged in professional development. During the period of the Department's existence, the following teachers defended their PhD theses: Esimhanov, A. Koval, A. N. Gorelov, K. K. Baigabulova, B. Hamber, G. S. Manapova, V. V. Godunov, J. N. Garden, O. I. Malyarenko.

During the existence of the Department, about 5 thousand qualified specialists were trained. They work in state institutions, the National Bank system, commercial banks and their branches, stock exchanges, audit services, specialized financial institutions, and enterprises.

Since 2004, the Department has opened training for undergraduates. Training of masters is conducted in the scientific and pedagogical direction with a period of 2 years, and since 2009, the Department has started training undergraduates in the profile direction with a period of 1 year. Since 2017, the training of doctoral students has been open.

Since 01.09.2006, the Department of Economics has started a scientific seminar "Actual problems of theory and practice of economic theory", which includes consideration of research issues of undergraduates.

Students, undergraduates and doctoral students of the Department regularly participate in international and national scientific conferences and seminars held both at the University and in other universities of Kazakhstan, far and near abroad.