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Department of psychology

About the Department
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The specialty "Psychology" has been open at the KSU named after A. Baitursynov since 1992. Now the Department of psychology produces specialists in OP 6B03101 - "Psychology" in Russian and Kazakh. Graduates have the opportunity to work in all spheres of human life, because where a person is, there is also psychology. The Department has a center for psychology and inclusive education, whose activities consist of psychological support for students and University staff, as well as psychological and pedagogical support for students with disabilities, the formation of psychological culture and tolerant consciousness in the population of Kostanay region.

Training in the specialty "Psychology" is practice-oriented. Students annually pass professional practice and are partially trained in production (on the basis of branches of the Department).

The objects of professional activities: organization of education of all types, regardless of ownership and departmental subordination; manufacturing enterprises and business organizations; law enforcement agencies and penitentiary institutions, rehabilitation centers and social adaptation; sports and creative organizations; health organizations; city and Republican social services, employment centers; centers of studying of public opinion and political technologies.

The main task of the educational program of the Department is to provide conditions for:
  • getting a full-fledged and high-quality education;
  • mastering professional competencies;
  • mastering the skills of a practical psychologist.

The educational process at the Department is based on the principles of individual approach to students and focuses on achieving high academic results. When training future specialists, much attention is paid to the rich heritage of famous scientists in the field of psychology and pedagogy, modern educational technologies. Thanks to this training, graduates of our University are able to make socially responsible decisions in non-standard situations of professional activity, show creativity, initiative and perseverance in achieving the goals of professional activity, possess the theoretical basis and methodology of scientific psychology, are able to apply its principles in various forms of changing reality, have empirical and experimental methods of conducting psychological research, methods of mathematical evaluation and data processing.

Psychologist is a unique specialty in demand on the labor market, which allows you to work in a variety of organizations. The professional activity of a psychologist is aimed at providing psychological support to people in the process of learning and working in various social spheres, identifying difficulties and problems in the life of students, teachers, parents, etc.

The strategic direction of the Department performs teaching work, during which the development of new disciplines and forms of organization of educational process; preparation of textbooks and manuals; development and introduction in educational process of innovative technologies.

The Department of pedagogy and psychology is a flagship in the field of innovative learning technologies. Teachers actively use strategies, critical thinking technologies, project method, group mosaic, case study, drawing up flowcharts, etc. In order to get as close as possible to practice, some classes are held directly on the basis of psychological centers, schools and colleges.

At the Department of psychology and pedagogy of the A. Baitursynov KRU, educational and curatorial work is very actively developed. Events are constantly held, both in honor of holidays and memorable dates, and in connection with professional dates and days. Students, under the guidance of curators and responsible for educational work, prepare and conduct: Cathedral dedication to first-year students, world mental health day, first President's day, independence Day, day of the psychologist of Kazakhstan, students ' day, international women's day, Nauryz meiramy and other events that contribute to both personal and professional development and the formation of future professionals. Events and holidays are fun and memorable, often they invite guests from the University and other organizations to share their experience with students.

Students and teachers of the Department are also actively engaged in volunteering. For more than 10 years, the Department has been assigned sponsored children who are brought up in the center for the adaptation of minors, for whom students organize and conduct various events and holidays, as well as conduct psychological correction in the form of games and trainings.

In addition to volunteer work in Tsan, students of The Department are actively engaged in volunteering as part of University groups, because it is not for nothing that the Chairman of the University volunteer and charity club "Ayaly Zhastar" is a 4th - year student of the specialty "Psychology" Gaan Victoria, who actively attracts both students of our Department and students of this University to participate in various actions and events to help those in need. In 2019, she was sent to meet with President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev at the forum of Kazakh-Russian youth cooperation, where he declared 2020 the Year of the volunteer. Also, Victoria and her active colleagues in the club were repeatedly invited to other universities in Kazakhstan to exchange experience and conduct various significant volunteer actions. For her efforts and excellent studies, Victoria was awarded a presidential scholarship.

Since 2019, the Department has been actively working on inclusive education for students with disabilities under the guidance of Professor sh.V. Sarkisyan. In this regard, a lot of events and conferences are held both within the University and at the international level with the involvement of world experts in this field.

The authority, validity, practical orientation and scientific nature of the educational and methodological work of the Department successfully contribute to the quality training of a popular psychologist in the Republic of Kazakhstan.