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Department of Civil Law and Procedure

  • *Office of Kostanay regional court Of the Department for ensuring the activity of courts under the Supreme court of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • *Private institution " Center of Mediation of Kostanay region»
  • *Department of justice of Kostanay region
  • *Kostanay regional Prosecutor's office
  • **SI "DIKostanay region of the Ministry of interior of Kazakhstan»
  • *Regional Board of private bailiffs of Kostanay region
  • *Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for civil service Affairs and anti-corruption
  • **Consumer protection Association "Femida+»

Research work is one of the most important activities of the Department. The staff of the Department of civil law and procedure carries out research activities in the framework of the General departmental theme "Actual problems of implementation of civil legislation in Kazakhstan at the present stage". The teaching staff of the Department actively participates in scientific, practical and methodological conferences at various levels, including international.

A group of authors, including the senior teacher of chair of civil law and process Kostanay regional University named A. Baitursynov Gulnara AskarovaMeirbekova, published an article on the topic: "Legal Responsibility in the Legislative System of Kazakhstan" in peer-reviewed scientific Journal of Advanced Research in Law and Economics included in the international scientometric database and citation system Scopus (Scopus) and the indicator on CiteScore (Sidcor) which at the moment is 27th percentile.

The teaching staff of the Department of civil law and procedure is involved in the tasks assigned to the staff of the institution in the field of training of highly qualified specialists.

On the basis of the Department of civil law and procedure of the institute of economic and law of Kostanay state University.A. Baitursynov since 2008, operates a "Public Association, the for the Protection of Consumer Rights "Femida+".  

The purposes of the Association consumer protection "Femida+»are:Association consumer protection "Femida+»regulates relations between the consumer and the seller (manufacturer of services, works), the resolution of consumer protection issues.

  • provision of advisory assistance to the population;
  • preparation of statements of claim, complaints and other legal documents;
  • representation and protection of individuals and legal entities in courts, state and other bodies, organizations and in relations with citizens;
  • legal assistance in establishing the rights and obligations of citizens, resolving issues of consumer protection in court, as well as the implementation of the state guaranteed and established in the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan the human right to judicial protection of their rights, freedoms and receive qualified assistance.

The Association is a non-profit organization, does not have the main purpose of making a profit and does not distribute profits between the founders and (or) participants.

Teachers of the Department periodically conduct training and retraining courses in the areas of the Department, to explain the state programs and strategies, civil legislation for employees of other organizations.

Educational work.

The nature of the activities carried out in the framework of educational work is due to the need to organize students for proper educational activities and discipline.

The educational work plan of the Department of Civil Law and the procedure has been drawn up and approved. For the purpose of educational work with students, the following events are held: assistance to students in obtaining syllabuses in disciplines, participation in festive events; preparation for midsemester certification, control of attendance and achievement.

During the 2019-2020 school year, the following educational activities were carried out:
  • Participation in celebrations dedicated to state and national holidays;
  • Participation in university activities;
  • Preparation for midsemester attestations, conversations with students;
  • Communication with parents, notification letters to parents with results of certification;