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Department of Philosophy

About the Department
Kabul Oralbay Ormanbayuly Last Name First Name Patronymic
Head of the department Position

The Department of Philosophy as an independent structural unit was founded in 1979. Since 2004, the Department of Philosophy has been merged with the Department of Political Science and Sociology.

Over the years, the Department of Philosophy was headed by:
  • 2004-2019 yy. – Koldybaev S.A., Doctor of Philosophy
  • 2019-2020yy.– Toimataev D.B., candidate of philosophical sciences;
  • Kabul O.K., Doctor PhD;

The work of the Department of Philosophy involves the formation of the philosophical and ideological consciousness of the student body in accordance with the state educational standards of the specialties available at the university. The department has a sufficiently equipped material and technical base, a qualified teaching staff, which allows students to receive professional, worldview knowledge of high quality.

The department teaches 12 disciplines of various worldviews. The main disciplines are philosophy, sociology, political science, cultural studies.